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Empowering Climate Resilience at the California Adaptation Forum 2023

At the California Adaptation Forum in Pomona this past July, Cal-Adapt: Analytics Engine teammates offered two insightful sessions on the use of next generation climate data for California. But the Forum didn't stop there; it offered participants the opportunity to harness the power of Analytics Engine tools with logins for the months of August and September.

For those who missed the sessions or simply want to delve deeper into the presentations, you can click here to find our Monday Workshop and Wednesday Session presentations. These presentations serve anyone aiming to understand the role of downscaled climate data and decision-support tools in adapting to climate change.

The outputs and successes shared at the Forum are just the first Analytics Engine offerings. The team is eager to engage further with both current and future users and launch the next grant phase as the current CEC grant concludes. This future holds even more innovation and support for those striving to adapt to our changing climate.

So, what about you? How would you use downscaled climate data and decision-support tools to adapt to climate change in your specific sector? Are there any tools you've been wishing for, ones that could make your work easier, faster, or more comprehensive? The future of climate adaptation relies on collaboration and innovation, and your input is invaluable in shaping that future.

Practical solutions give us hope for progress in the fight against climate change. The Cal-Adapt and Analytics Engine tools are leading the way, showing us all how to empower ourselves and our communities to thrive in a changing world.