Climate Data

Climate datasets on Cal-Adapt include historical observations and downscaled climate projections. These climate datasets can be gridded or station based. A climate dataset consists of a collection of timeseries for one or more climate variables; additionally projections include timeseries for multiple future scenarios and global climate models (GCMs). All gridded climate datasets have a spatial extent that covers the state of California; some gridded datasets extend further into parts of Nevada, Oregon, Idaho and Mexico. Users can download climate datasets in multiple ways:

  • Download original source files (NetCDF, CSV, etc.) provided by research institutions from Cal-Adapt Data server.
  • Download spatial subsets from Cal-Adapt API at various temporal resolutions in raster or tabular formats for 4 priority models (HadGEM2-ES, CNRM-CM5, CanESM2, MIROC5) or 10 models selected by California‚Äôs Climate Action Team Research Working Group as having a good simulation of California's historical climate.
  • Additionally users can download data from visualizations in all Cal-Adapt tools.
Download Data

Cal-Adapt API

Cal-Adapt provides a public RESTful API for programmatically accessing climate data hosted on Cal-Adapt and makes it easier to build data driven applications and analyses. Read the API documentation to explore all the available features and check out our cookbooks for example scripts and workflows.

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