Historical observed daily temperature and precipitation data from approximately 20,000 NOAA Cooperative Observer (COOP) stations form the basis of this gridded dataset from 1950–2013. Observation-based meteorological data sets offer insights into changes to the hydro-climatic system by diagnosing spatio-temporal characteristics and providing a historical baseline for future projections. Details are described in Livneh et al., 2015.

Spatial Resolution and Extent

The spatial resolution of this data is 1/16ยบ (approximately 6 km). The spatial extent available on Cal-Adapt covers entire state of California and Nevada and parts of Oregon, Mexico and Arizona.

Temporal Resolution

Download Data

For large areas or full spatial extent, it is more efficient to download data in NetCDF or GeoTIFF formats and clip to desired spatial extent. For smaller areas, additional options for downloading data in CSV or JSON formats are available through download tool below.


Other Formats

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