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Who is Cal-Adapt’s audience?

The California Energy Commission originally funded the development of Cal-Adapt to serve energy-sector users. More recent support from the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) supports a broader user base that includes local governments and others who are engaged in climate change analysis, mitigation, and adaptation. The interactive visualizations and easily accessible data currently available on Cal-Adapt have also been used by academic scientists and professionals working in sectors like forestry, watershed and water resource management, agriculture, and public health. Additionally, Cal-Adapt can support climate change education in community, school and university settings.

To fully harness the interactive visualizations and data available through Cal-Adapt, some familiarity with climate science is helpful. However, Cal-Adapt continually aims to serve its user base with the resources and support necessary to understand climate change projections and inform adaptation planning with quantitative and spatial information. If you are new to climate change science or Cal-Adapt, we recommend you check out the Get Started page to learn more.

Additionally, the California Energy Commission is funding the development of an analytics engine, which will expand the Cal-Adapt enterprise to provide unprecedented computational and technical resources to directly support energy resilience.